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We are a local team, working hard right here in your community. If you are looking to sell, we would love the opportunity to talk about purchasing your property. Our fair and fast process offers many options to fit your needs, including cash offers and fast close.

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We are different from other home buyers

Most home buyers are from out of town or out of state. Our team lives and works in Grand Rapids. We support local businesses and give back to the local community. Most home buyers want to buy your property for the lowest price possible – we want to make you an offer you are happy with.

Most home buyers want you to leave right away or kick out all of the tenants ASAP. You can live up to 12 months rent free and we honor all existing leases and care for every tenant. Some tenants have lived in our properties for 25 years and counting.

Why we’re the best option

  • No games no gimmicks
  • We don’t flip
  • Money stays here in the local economy
  • Simple and easy process
  • We buy and hold. Most other buyers try to convince you to sell low so they can fix and sell high inadvertently inflating the price of local real estate.